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A little jataka

A little something to say, a little something to do.. all there is is but a story to liven through.The tree of life swayed in all its glory. Time was still far far away to begin and the norse god's were yet to come back to its shade. A leaf, at the end of its journey in that form took flight. All it say we saw, all it heard we heard, for that leaf became history and it remained free of any bias as they were as it recorded things as they are.The breeze  blew , soft and gentle at times and stormy while another. Each time the breeze took the leaf to a new perspective to see and new circumstances to feel.
The leaf settled on a piece of still water. Two microbes , more single cell were talking to eachother. For starters, the conversation was more of evolving into multi cell organisms than achieving greatness. While this happened all that was was just a constant hum of thoughts exchanged. While one kept constantly asking about how, when and where and the if and but flew faster than the c…


Stammers, one in anger
To the simmering wasteful awakening
Of joys and pleasures lost
Of the rightful wrong and the wrongful wrong
All one does is stammer and seethe through the same

Stammers,  other choked in emotion
Emotions found where one always finds them
In the joy of being content
In the joy of being oneself,
All one does is stammer and emote through the same
Stammers, one in joy
Joys found in one and all souls
Found in the gift of giving
Lived in the joy of being
All one does is stammer and be joyous through the same
Stammers, other living just life
One moment high, the other miserable
All angers, joy and emotion manage to find reason
But, living in the present asks for a reasoning
All one does is what one always does , stammer through life...Exulting  and stammering may all look at life
Tis in the stammering moments that life lived and passed


The gift that keeps giving
One smile and one thought
One hope and a hug
You are the gift that keeps giving

The moment life went on a change
The moment life let out a battle cry
The moment life changed its meaning
Hearts went off, bodies went cross
Yet hope remained where it was
An angel with no expectations
You are, a gift that keeps giving

Happiness to share
Sadness to share
Moments may keep moving
Hearts don’t swell beyond
Beyond the boundaries of conventional
Beyond doubt and fear
You are the gift that keeps giving
You are the angel with unconditional love
You are the gift that keeps giving
For you are a gift to yourself and to all and no one