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Curled up in a corner
One after the other does the lightning hit across the face
Many faces and hearts are strained and stretched in ways incomprehensible to scotoma
Entrails get strewn all around with all the heart left charred...

Lonely and bereft, pain is a constant reminder of a sum,
Innate calculations and inherent qualities all are but thrown across the curb, O..
Very many are the facets of life than sums and divides of an emoting wanderer,
Every life has its moments, most in the shadow, yet not all find joy in the light above

Life.. A journey taken in the moments of each facets
Intuition they say, inhibitions take their places and rule  that are filled with I
For many are the social mores to follow and lived around for..
Every one changes with time akin to withered leaves, leaving one in spots same as before