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Old wounds and fire flames

A searing pain, tearing through the heart
Old wounds woken up by but a sentence
Frail are the workings of human nature
Even frail are their limitations of survival

A prick, and another- life all but trickled out
Neither can the sentence be responded to, nor ignored
Each prick taking away part of my life here and beyond
Each prick a tug at the conscience for all the hurt before

Grew all the sense of guilt and pain
Anger and betrayal, forgiveness and forgetfulness
For a minuscule moment of the world was but the world to me
My world turned upside down and inside out and lost to the elements

All was lost, all was disillusioned and so was I
How and when life remained I do not know
Yet, remained and survived life did
Trusting people was just a bit hard, emotions even harder

Yet, life sprang forth from within the abyss of despair
Flowed forth, sprouting hope and inspiring life
Burst into a fire flame of unquenchable thirst,
A thirst to live, love and love unconditionally
For pricks may take…

Hazing out..

The hands shook, not in anticipation but in loving through a painful memory. The hands shook uncontrollably and the eyes teared up involuntarily..
The memory though scrutinised a hundred times earlier had persisted. Persisted enough to keep the one with the memory distrustful of all the ones that had been acquainted with.
A hazy picture started drawing itself in the eye of the mind..
A friendship , started in earnest. Or so was thought for the one went on only as part of the activities done. When work was available the spirits of the world were all unified to celebrate the  friend and the friend's capabilities.
Yet, when it came the turn of the friend to speak or be heard, time was purely running short of breath. Time which made itself amply available in all its magnanimity for work to be done was always missing when it came to finding time to share, learn or just be..
The work progressed, time being available only then and the thoughts were all but lost in translation.
The work ended, …

Moving ahead

A scalding memory, left unpurged, Begun a journey of all destruction , Culling the present and scaring the past, Destruction is all it could do and did,
Enter a silver lining and so did one have an epiphany,
From now do you destroy not - the law was laid  Remain to stay relevant did the memory try in vain  Every source of pain for it to thrive was closed Yell, scream and fight in vain did it to survive  Just as all of nature does, life but moved on
A peace long awaited came within as all shall be as meant to be

Candling a firestorm

A dark lonely place
It was a sparse  indeed
Fear and farce all hidden in a desolate embrace
Far away from the desolate cries of the world outside
Filled with fears that reinvent themself
They like to forge the place for likeness of itselfAll there is is but a darkness
Ripping through the flicker of hope held within
Storms and hails play through the lonely thought
Survival today is but the only thought
Petty actions and smaller thoughts but plague to remain
Candle lit, the hope remains
Each day is a storm to be weathered
Known tides wash through and are burnt
Unknown tides try their might to take down the front
The hope remains..
The hope remains..
The will to overcome the heart contains...
The clouds do part amongst the storms
For life has its moments even in the eye of the storm
One silver lining is all it takes to rejuvenate
The candle does morph into a raging fire stormLife is consumed and lived
Consumed by the fire of the light beyond the marrow
For storms of the daily kind or the …