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A sun rising, far above the head,
Swelling the thoughts of living,
Loving, livening up the scene with more than one question,
A carnival it is, of sights, sounds, colours and wandering souls,
Souls in spaces bound within them, for the carnival never ends,
Laughter and tears pierce the games played
For every soul is tested in all ways but one,
Pained cries tears through the air,
Musical tunes healing the pained,
Little is but realised, souls are on a sling shot
Pulled  farthest are they in pain, to fly  ahead.. Free and spirited


Sitting content, friends having ur back,
Life pushed on with angels and demons
Meta physical games played around and within
It begins, a game above, repeated below
Enveloping, Emcompassing and imposing are its tentacles,
Uncertainity clouding the logic,
To be or not to be is no longer a question,
Peace of Mind is all that is asked, Levels are the strata of the physical and meta physical,
Continues the games, gnawing away at the heart, 
Strength lies dormant within, to see another sun rise
For games played in levels are just plays,
This too shall pass for another sun to rise..


Pouring the heart out
Into an abysmal pit
Filled with void and nothing but gut
Living a moment
Dead another
Surviving on a single heart,
Is better than piecing two broken ones together,
When  absence does not alter someone's life..
Presence has no further meaning

The moon

A journey started, with the sun overhead,
A thought all pervasive,
For the light as the sun is all prevalant,
Present everywhere, so obvious that it is rarely seen,
Truths and thoughts, left open, yet forgotton to be understood.
The journey begins and continues, Summer  and desert sun add their charm and warmth,
Smouldered does every thought get, under all forms of the sun.
Lay way side within reach yet out of grasp....

Angels and demons wake up, to sights, sounds and smells,
Earthy, rustic yet distinctly present,  the walk continues,
The wayfarers hawk their wares, unknown of the being around,
The day begins as it ends,
The moon does rise,
While the play continues,
The romantics lay, heart worn on their sleeves
For love comes in many forms,
The moment loved now is just as sweet as the next..

The Sun

The night dark and morose,
Angels and demons lock horns to play their righteous games
Lives and passions are but the pawns played on the sidelines of time ,
Lifetimes they say stand for something
The games of the beings play with all their soul,
For lifetimes are loved and loathed in a passionate moment,
The night dark and morose, is but a canvas.
Plays and passions are the only dye cast,
The brush of the lord, waits for its creations to play to its content,

For with the first ray of the rising sun
All that remains is but the creation itself, playing the magic of the day!!!!

To be

To be and to be is a statement,
Maxing through life or otherwise
A step toward the light
A move toward the truth
For the ONE defines and designs
Free will and spirit within,
Within and without the mandate does stay
To be and to be is but a statement


A new thought
A new beginning
A new life,
Is all that one wishes for
Is all that one always wishes for
What is failed is to see the obvious
What is life but something new
Something new at all times and space
For the ONE is but the ever fresh new
Which is but newly discovered everytime..


A bit tired
A lot drained
Begun in emotions
Draining the heart of its senses
Ending in logic
First or last, the mind still does create,
Germinate the same result
In thoughts or in deeds
Just the same as the ONE
Killing thoughts are but a waste of time
Love it or loathe it,
Multiple are the faces of your soul!!!
New ways packaged in old bottles
ONE defines and directs
Purpose of these tireless minds
Questions are abound in incoherence
Reset are they again in thoughts of the mind


Living, a question asked.
Living, a vacuum filled by emotions
Living, an answer never complete,
Living, a thought defined by you,
Living, intuitions joined as co incidence
Living, a boon and a bane,
Living, seeds of the human creed
Living, brooding thoughts and creepy intuitions
Living is all but living..

Born Free

Born free
Born free
Of thoughts or visions
Of visions or ambitions
Of ambitions and desires
Of desires and dejection
Of dejection and reality
Of reality and truth.
Born free, for i am ONE and ONE i am


A few questions,
A few poking,
A whole lot of questions provoked within and without.
All it takes is one seed,
A seed planted within
A plant sprouts for the thoughts are strong,
A fat, slim or just a plant,
It all boils down to just being the ONE
For seeds and thoughts are but planted by One,
And the plant knows when to be done...?


Questions, always at the back of your mind,
A few invigorating, most baseless,
Arise and melt into the same oblivion,
Yet leave do they a streak of rebellion...
Questioning things were not the one beings  designed for
Question thyself to find the answers  but within
All that is answered are  but the truth,
The truth which is hidden in plain sight


People, emotions galore,
A few sane mostly insane.
A few perceived, rest intutive,
What matters is the least cared for,
The most cared is the one that matters the least..
Confusion lies beyond muzzled hearts,
For souls are stuck in thoughts beyond.
For what it boils down to is just ONE,
Live life one moment at a time
Hearts and souls are but merged into ONE


Smile, in pain or in pleasure,
Smile, for thought good or bad,
Smile for today life is lived
Smile for tomorrow is but another day,
Another day to go through the trifles of the heart and mind...
Smile, for what matters most
Is the least appreciated of