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No-One but human

One moment fickle, the other sane
Not a sedative, not sanity, just life is lived
Music does play in life events
Magic happens very day - in each life breathOne moment angry, the other apologetic
Not a semblance of continuity at any thought
Life does carry on with occurances
Life happens as it always does- with indifference One moment melancholic, the other myopic
Emotions course through the veins like blood
Wonder is but one chance of redemption
Curiosity keeps the thoughts at bay for myopic actions One moment practical, the other imaginary
Theories and scenarios are abound
One realisation to another, leads one nowhere
Yet, the thirst for knowledge is never left behind All the knowledge gained is but a drop in the ocean
Yet, none to pass on , no-One to takeaway for I am but human

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