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A word, let loose and away from the heart An emotion, thrown away in banter disregard The world is all turned to turmoil Alphabets and the thoughts are all left to wreck havoc within Are they justified or are they mere words Just one could pierce through rough exteriors and tough innards  Means of joy, measures of lives, words without emotions are just waiting To the angel to spread its wings and encompass in its all pervasive embrace  An angel with all but to be in lives and emotions  End each word or thought with or without is for the angel to finish
So, angelic wings heave around the shores of each cry river  Am but at the shoreline listening to the deep rumbling waves 
I am but a means to an end and an end to the means 

Past, past the

A tear, past the sunset, A tear, past the tearing grief, A tear, left Unshed for reasons known and unknown  A tear, for all the moments the heart is wrenched  A tear, for every moment  the heart felt pain unbearable  A tear, for every thought that pained all but oneself A tear, in thought and in deed are left unstained
A tear, left unsaid and uncleared in the recesses of the conscious  A tear is but waiting to be a gem held aloft for the memory
A tear, a gem, is all that is but left within

One and once

One is an interesting thought,
Once I thought of one
One is a thought,
Once I had a thought of one,
One is an aftermath
Once I had an experience
One is a hallucination
Once I had it as part of imagination
One is a process
Once I had it executed
One is just an emotion
Once I had a chance of having one
One is none cared for
Once I had a solitary thought
One is just one
Once I had..

21 grand years

21 years did it take  21 years to come to terms  21 years since you left us away 21 years is all that remained 
Grand and generous were you for my eyes, Remain in thoughts and in memories Away from the bustle of the world  Never a hustle did I have to do reciprocate Days, months and years are all passing on
Mum stayed the world, for 21 years..

Write no more...

I can write no more,
I can write no more,
Of fear, of death, of destruction,
I can write no more,
Of pain, suffering, of joy
I can write no more,
Of illusions of life,
I can write no more,
Of thoughts, feelings
I can write no more,
Of all that is good,
I can write no more,
Of all that is bad,
I can write no more,,
I can write
I can write NO MORE


Tears, involuntarily flow through Hidden for years thorough and pure One for the inner child One for the lost child One for all that was meant to be mild
Tears, involuntarily flow through Never shed, never spoken about  One for the instances  One for the reactions  One for all the one put on self called restrictions 

Tears, involuntarily flow through Never discussed, never debated One for a memory One for a thought  One for all those people held once close to heart 
Tears, involuntarily flow through
Once bitten, twice bitten, forever shy lie they within...

Words : a vengeful waste

A thousand words, spoken and heard, Though, there was was just words How they behave are for their own dilemmas,  Onerous and generous are they in function throughout  Undermine them, they bite, Grow them, they bite harder How many ever times one changes them again, 
Thoroughly vengeful they remain 
Words, vengeful and silent  Omnipotent they claim not to be  Day in  and day out do they tumble off thoughts, deeds, not holding them dear, Remain as they always are, ready to drop all for few drop of tears Somehow, someway, all that they desire is not for stillness or finesse
A thousand words, spoken and heard 
Nothing is said, nothing is heard, yet all understood

Silent Thunderstorms

Thunderstorms, said the heart, paining,  Raining torrential sheets of rain and pain One moment there, the next gone away,  Under the eye and through the heart, physical pain was but a medium, Growing, binding and arresting within, Hauling Mental agonies were all but the real game changers 
Thunderstorms, bore the heart and threw open the melee of thoughts again.. Immense are all the acts of simple gestures to useless features, Me, I and myself are all that was concerned about Every perspective changed are but words reformed 
Promises and farces made for ages and ages but break away in an instance ..
Thunderstorms .. silent thunderstorms


Curled up in a corner
One after the other does the lightning hit across the face
Many faces and hearts are strained and stretched in ways incomprehensible to scotoma
Entrails get strewn all around with all the heart left charred...

Lonely and bereft, pain is a constant reminder of a sum,
Innate calculations and inherent qualities all are but thrown across the curb, O..
Very many are the facets of life than sums and divides of an emoting wanderer,
Every life has its moments, most in the shadow, yet not all find joy in the light above

Life.. A journey taken in the moments of each facets
Intuition they say, inhibitions take their places and rule  that are filled with I
For many are the social mores to follow and lived around for..
Every one changes with time akin to withered leaves, leaving one in spots same as before

Old wounds and fire flames

A searing pain, tearing through the heart
Old wounds woken up by but a sentence
Frail are the workings of human nature
Even frail are their limitations of survival

A prick, and another- life all but trickled out
Neither can the sentence be responded to, nor ignored
Each prick taking away part of my life here and beyond
Each prick a tug at the conscience for all the hurt before

Grew all the sense of guilt and pain
Anger and betrayal, forgiveness and forgetfulness
For a minuscule moment of the world was but the world to me
My world turned upside down and inside out and lost to the elements

All was lost, all was disillusioned and so was I
How and when life remained I do not know
Yet, remained and survived life did
Trusting people was just a bit hard, emotions even harder

Yet, life sprang forth from within the abyss of despair
Flowed forth, sprouting hope and inspiring life
Burst into a fire flame of unquenchable thirst,
A thirst to live, love and love unconditionally
For pricks may take…

Hazing out..

The hands shook, not in anticipation but in loving through a painful memory. The hands shook uncontrollably and the eyes teared up involuntarily..
The memory though scrutinised a hundred times earlier had persisted. Persisted enough to keep the one with the memory distrustful of all the ones that had been acquainted with.
A hazy picture started drawing itself in the eye of the mind..
A friendship , started in earnest. Or so was thought for the one went on only as part of the activities done. When work was available the spirits of the world were all unified to celebrate the  friend and the friend's capabilities.
Yet, when it came the turn of the friend to speak or be heard, time was purely running short of breath. Time which made itself amply available in all its magnanimity for work to be done was always missing when it came to finding time to share, learn or just be..
The work progressed, time being available only then and the thoughts were all but lost in translation.
The work ended, …

Moving ahead

A scalding memory, left unpurged, Begun a journey of all destruction , Culling the present and scaring the past, Destruction is all it could do and did,
Enter a silver lining and so did one have an epiphany,
From now do you destroy not - the law was laid  Remain to stay relevant did the memory try in vain  Every source of pain for it to thrive was closed Yell, scream and fight in vain did it to survive  Just as all of nature does, life but moved on
A peace long awaited came within as all shall be as meant to be

Candling a firestorm

A dark lonely place
It was a sparse  indeed
Fear and farce all hidden in a desolate embrace
Far away from the desolate cries of the world outside
Filled with fears that reinvent themself
They like to forge the place for likeness of itselfAll there is is but a darkness
Ripping through the flicker of hope held within
Storms and hails play through the lonely thought
Survival today is but the only thought
Petty actions and smaller thoughts but plague to remain
Candle lit, the hope remains
Each day is a storm to be weathered
Known tides wash through and are burnt
Unknown tides try their might to take down the front
The hope remains..
The hope remains..
The will to overcome the heart contains...
The clouds do part amongst the storms
For life has its moments even in the eye of the storm
One silver lining is all it takes to rejuvenate
The candle does morph into a raging fire stormLife is consumed and lived
Consumed by the fire of the light beyond the marrow
For storms of the daily kind or the …

Check your gut human..

Gentle breeze or gentle thoughts
Still does not remain life's shots ,
Gentle thoughts or noble deeds
Nothing works  as expected indeedCheck your gut, check your gut you human
There now and gone later
Check your gut to live today and beyond tomorrowFake smiles and pretentious thoughts
Fake beliefs and silly actions
The air filled with perfumes of indifference
Sift through the murky pond to find your lotus of  inference Check your gut, check your gut you human
There now and gone later
Check your gut to live today and beyond tomorrowDangerous thoughts and explosive words,
Lives and living screened through non existent standards,
A word spoken out of turn is a nail in the coffin
An action  taken digging your own graveCheck your gut, check your gut you human
There now and gone later
Check your gut to live today and beyond tomorrowJudged you shall be at any turn of events
Judgement passed on all your actions
Live through a lense all your life, foe begone
Live as your heart deems worth…

BE.. beyond as is

Not in good mornings or good night
Every day begins and ends as is
Not in how and the where's
Every emotion ends up as is
Not in smiles or in tears
Every Shread of feeling exhumes as is
Not in physical presence or in virtual
Every being is just as is

For in letter and spirit of being a friend
Is to be beyond as is.. just be

One is just a number

One is just a number New or old , it begins with one Each moment, each perspective ,
I, me and myself were just a passing phase, Some phased out, some phased in with scales of moral compass
Just unjust or mere survival, went through phases did I, Under the hill, over the mountain. Life kept but passing through , Some had laughter, some tears and a lot in between  Tears, tears in multitudes
A tear spent in joy and a lot spent in joyful despair
Never a dull moment in one life Ups and downs, pleasures and pain, Many are the experiences that count within Between plans of loving and actual life  Every moment had a lesson to teach
Remembered are but only moments of lifetimes within reach..

An Old Memory

Sweet and innocent
Raises itself from. Deep within the sub conscious
One moment is closer the next closest
For bitter sweet is the time of this memory
Sweet caressing winds
Flow through the body and touch the soul
Momentary happiness
Instant sadness
Life is as life never was
One moment to another
All that was left was a memory
Refreshed in the wind
And let be to live out its day
An old memory

One rough wave

A head in spiral. Movements and stagnation are all the same One moment here, the next lost forever. Time left thoughts, and tiring events left the troughs
Heady winds and courageous attempts, All but fail within the footfall of nature's hunger One Norse god, battling with vigour, Infusing life and thoughts for all spirits to augur
One rough wave is but the beginning of a challenge
For the ocean is big and the will to conquer it but indomitable


A drop of water, Started a journey from the leaf to the pond, From dotted moves to slow movement Slanted leaves and quiet pond All there was was but the move of a droplet
The breath held in rhythm Slide one by one across does the droplet  One moment the next and the next after too Moments after moments all there are are just the slow movement of a droplet Time is trained, troubles forgotten 
For in each a droplet causing a ripple 
Is the pond of the heart filled with silence


The gates fell
The guard left to the wind
The mind and heart melt to one,
The keys to heaven nd earth submerged into none
The heart lent itself out, to emotions and beyond
The surge began, from the depths of the soul
The crescendo across all parts of life,
The meaning and purpose left behind
The wells were full and so were the eyes..
The thought, far away yet so near
The choking heart and a meadow of wallowing pity,
The world crumbled, and all in it

For a moment is all it took,
In living out and tearing up Individuality


“Time to hit the sack young-ling”

but no, i do not want to, all i want to do is just chill.

Hence hit the sack concept, that is how your body chills

But, what of my beautiful mind, and that soul thing that you keep talking about
Well, am neither your parent, nor our teacher, but it is pertinent to know that the sack re-energizes all things
They went about with the fiddling and arranging things for the next day. School in itself was a big chore , however, the additional chore of sleep was just as much replenishing for one as it was repugnant for the other.

The children, as much as they were considered children, remained within the confines of the room. Relaxed and asleep they always had impressive acts to conduct everyday. Reading being one of them. That apart the geography of the school always let one to find a new instance and new creature everyday.

Morning, came with its nice new spirit. A fresh morning, early morning dew spread itself across the leagues and leagues of the fresh ground …

Awake.. sleepy head.

Sun rise and sun set, all began and ended the same ,
Lame or lime, the food was still consumed the same
Enter and exit, applications or doors, life was still the same
Engraved on hearts or on digital libraries, the files remained the same
Pay or procure life across, free thought remains the same
Young remains the heart, for it always remains the same

Head first did life continue, for the same always changes
Enterprising lives and inspiring individuals, never remain and always changes
A moment taken to realize all that changes is a learning
Day in and day out, all that is is a sleepy head, always awakening

A promised story- B roll version

A new story always has its root deeply into the womb of a different story, each in a story woven into, on and upon eachother being part of the tree of life.

The tree of life, with all its myriad stories, apart from having odin's eye also has its unending knowledge across time and maybe beyond.

This story too brings about such stories found with incoherent transfusions, non logical jumps and complete lack of continuity. Since most are Street bound and limited to the cities for now key is for once step in and within.... Or where possible

The world seemed as large and reflective as the reflection of AI.
AI was just an organism, full of actions and inactivity. No, no oxymoron but the lifetrons within AI kept humming and spinning as designed, yet no action was performed by it so far..

AI opened its eyes to see the eye looking back at it. A clear dew drop was trickling down down the far end of a mango leaf the pond, for AI did not know it was a pond imagined it to stretc…

A promised story..

What do you mean you do not know?.

I meant what I said

How can you but not know...
Well, you can sit there and keep asking me all the questions to which I know not the answers to. Or you can sit there and count the phonetics of the words.. either way.. I.. do..not...know...
Asking questions were easier, but curiosity all around went too far in terms of what was known and what was unknown.

Two friends met at a park after a long time. They eat and had a chat of lives of the world, lives of others universes and also their own. One was scarred, one undecided. Yet all there was was life, in its base form of survival and beyond.

The park was a fairly large one. This was one of those Parks which was converted from a lake to a lake side park with business to boot and events to be done as well.
Thankfully, apart from the lake (with some life in it) which was feeding a nearby swimming pool, a little bit of the trees were also left. The benches …


Someday, time and tide shall come together,
One moment to live and one moment to cherish,
Many faces of humanity do swarm the planet,
Entailing lives with thoughts and mere actions
Day or night, life or death, living or surviving,
A moment is all it takes to begin a change,
Yelling at crowds are not worthwhile, than to begin a change within.. Someday..Some agree, some survive, a day or forever,
Only time does decide on actions of men and circumstances,
Man and creatures are but living through a fragment of the sametime,
Enrich or endanger, are all within our means
Denying life awaiting everyday for someday is but a wasteful expedition,
A moment is all that comprises of a moment's colours,
Yellow or red the sun shines through at all, may it be a fool or a scholar