Little droplets

Little droplets of joy,
Little droplets of ecstasy,
The skies opened up to a life of opportunities

Little droplets of joy,
Little droplets of ecstasy,
Washing away lives with stains of fear and disdain

Little drops of joy,
Little drops of ecstasy
Reminding of the pain to process
Reminder of the pain hung on to..

One moment to another
Perspectives do change
Happy to morose, the mind does ponder
Living away from itself
Living a far cry from itself
Life is perceived but only on a mirror
Seen from all but my own eyes

The sky poured out in grief and relief,
The drops beaming with what nature wanted me to be
Shattered mirrors and shattered expectations
Lessons were taught by the droplets
Droplets of joy and ecstasy

Shattered mirrors and unwanted expectations lay undone
Life came pouring back in
With a crinkle and a torrent, life ebbed and flowed
A raging ocean, calm as it is,
Tides were formed and turned
Inspirations found and life lived anew,

Little droplets remain on the forehead
Little droplets of joy and ecstasy
Reminder of the mirrors that form by the barriers of the mind 
Once gone can come back again
Life always remains to be re-discovered
On one's own forehead than in mirrors and expectations

Little drops of joy
Little drops of ecstasy
Life moves in a thunderstorm of my own creation
Fun is where fear is challenged
Fun is where hearts are united to grow as one
Not in malice or relationships
Unite to be themselves, free of mirrors and expectations
Little drops remain, little drops of joy and ecstasy
Fun is where i am full within with no I


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