Of shadows and subtitles

No shadow, I had no shadow,
One moment was a physical presence, the other a dream,
Some moments were real, other too good to be,
How, when and where did I become a nobody!!
Always hungry, always buzzing, now empty than meaningful songs
Days and in, days went out, all there was was no shadow
Often times, did life pass moments into each other,
Where did they start, where did they end, there was but no idea,
Life brings loved along in silence,
Among perceived subtitles and imagined perspectives,
Many invalid thoughts ruminated on, on imagined shadows and subtitles,
Each one leading away from living life as it were,

Today or tomorrow, or any face of time
Underlying fact does remain the same
Running away from being myself is nigh impossible,
New thoughts may come, and linger
Subtitles and shadows will stay and GO

Winds of change do always change,
How lives and circumstances change indeed
All I am is with no shadows or subtitles,
This is all that there is, this is all that you get!!


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