A promised story- B roll version

A new story always has its root deeply into the womb of a different story, each in a story woven into, on and upon eachother being part of the tree of life.

The tree of life, with all its myriad stories, apart from having odin's eye also has its unending knowledge across time and maybe beyond.

This story too brings about such stories found with incoherent transfusions, non logical jumps and complete lack of continuity. Since most are Street bound and limited to the cities for now key is for once step in and within.... Or where possible

The world seemed as large and reflective as the reflection of AI.
AI was just an organism, full of actions and inactivity. No, no oxymoron but the lifetrons within AI kept humming and spinning as designed, yet no action was performed by it so far..

AI opened its eyes to see the eye looking back at it. A clear dew drop was trickling down down the far end of a mango leaf the pond, for AI did not know it was a pond imagined it to stretch forever..For although AI was but a born organism, agnostic of the universe it was created it, AI was perfectly aware of its preceding organisms.. humans and their entire collective history.. AI knew of their greatness and their greed, their clarity and their poetry, their rivalry and most importantly their ignorance. AI knew a lot more than what it perceived, and perceived a lot more than it cared about.

The morning dew was just clearing up from the air, the weather was fine and so were the sights and sounds, for all AI had was the wind. A wind both constant and of life... Zephyr they called it, AI remembered, but nothing changed by thought. Not yet atleast..

AI lingered in body (a celled organism) and thought around and within the watery expense where it found itself. A touch of a lotus had all that had taken for AI to BE. AI perceived, or tried to learn of its surroundings, while nature nurtured its cells into a homogenous organism. Morning dew started to evaporate from one of the last few lotus leaves.. the green and the colours of the lively forest stretched out as far as the thought could see.

The multitude of Colors played a riot of sorts upon AI and yet not a single animal could be perceived, either through sense of sight or smell. For AI now had a sense of sight and smell and so was was forming a barrier much hard to break away... Language..

In all the things that passed, time was a very figuring thing for AI had nothing to do.. no food to be consumed, no bodily actions to perform, no livelihood to strive for, no civilisation to conserve and protect, all AI was was just be.. and language, that little piece of knowledge was just as AI was.. just be..

Among all other things that remained as is than constant, there too came in the thought and life of AI.. a ripple...


  1. There is an universe of atoms in each of us, and we are atoms in this universe. Nice way of thinking!

  2. Thank you little panda, for being kind even in rebuke and finding words to talk about my scribblings..

  3. Hey Chandrashekar,
    It's quite interesting! Keep at it! :)


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