Phoenix reborn

A cocoon built within, walling up against fear and despair,
A cocoon built within, for wanting to shut out pain,
A cocoon built within, to keep the right from the wrong,
A cocoon that need be broken from within,
For life is dead within and without the cocoon,
Thoughts float within..
For what is right and what is wrong,
My right is your wrong and my wrong is your wrong!!!
What is left is but survival,
A fight of survival between morality and practicality,
There are no rights
There are no wrongs
There are no perfections
There are no imperfections
All there is, there was and will be is but ONE
For the plays in between, in a cocoon or out of it,
Are but the lives of a phoenix,
Free, proud, yet has to die in flames, to be born again and again
Living, free and proud, born again and dead again, cycles repeat, yet the ONE sustains


  1. Loved these lines immensely;
    "For life is dead within and without the cocoon,"
    "My right is your wrong and my wrong is your wrong!!!"

    I was pondering over a thought much similar to this, and here you are, just as if you've read my mind - written it in all its grandeur and with less labour, this sure is talent!

    I guess my thoughts can wait for some more years...

  2. You must definitely write panda, better thoughts need to be expressed


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