Restless minds

Disgust, despair and a lot of dejection,
What is left but two inches of ivory,
Sweet solace, in words and in deeds,
Simple and elegant, yet potent within.

Despicable, disdain and dreary may the life be,
Living days in shadows of deaths around,
The sweetness always marks to excite,
Excite and invigorate for life to be loved,

One more round, oh, one more round,
The bout is not over, until the spirit runs below the ground


  1. I loved the blend of melancholy and hope in your verse. The latent meanings are so powerful that for a moment I could delve into your mind just with the help of these words. Cryptic initially, but it has something to say!
    And one more thing - Good, you updated this in your blog! :D


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