The moon

A journey started, with the sun overhead,
A thought all pervasive,
For the light as the sun is all prevalant,
Present everywhere, so obvious that it is rarely seen,
Truths and thoughts, left open, yet forgotton to be understood.
The journey begins and continues, Summer  and desert sun add their charm and warmth,
Smouldered does every thought get, under all forms of the sun.
Lay way side within reach yet out of grasp....

Angels and demons wake up, to sights, sounds and smells,
Earthy, rustic yet distinctly present,  the walk continues,
The wayfarers hawk their wares, unknown of the being around,
The day begins as it ends,
The moon does rise,
While the play continues,
The romantics lay, heart worn on their sleeves
For love comes in many forms,
The moment loved now is just as sweet as the next..


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