Another Story- Part 1/3

It began where it all ends… at home.

The boy had just managed to wake up from his daze, sleep had always been a passion, which was but wanting now. The body demanded it; the mind denied it as always.
Walking to his usual haunt in a changed metropolis listening to music had never been the same. A new experience was always waiting to happen. Today was anew, spilled over with yesterday’s nuances of a bit of sadness and a bit of pure unadulterated joy, it always was a new beginning.
Public transport was just one of the means to move on to these haunts and places where the sound melted away to be one with nature, a means of being one within everything. More on that later…
For now let’s come back to the boy.

A tad bit over weight, a bit fanciful in thoughts and quite a bit of an conversationalist ( it’s another fact that none understood his speech ;)) started his  journey to one of those fanciful spots again. Now, the public transport system in Bangalore, (two inches of ivory can never be left out) are rather suitable like French cuisine, either it tastes your palate or it just does not sit well with you. 

The boy unfortunately, had a very sketchy image and a voracious appetite for food and the transport system (sic). A journey for about an hour and a half lay in front of him. Stomach satisfied with mum’s food, this journey had more for him to stomach then just mortality.

Boarding one of those swanky new buses was always a delight, no smell of fresh paint, however, no stinking smell as well. The Germans knew just how to make a bus; just enough to fill the boy’s mind with amazement as to how perfectly a burgeoning waistline could be accommodated in a single seat..! Sitting on one of those seats, smiling to oneself was one of his little guilty pleasures. The neighbors as usual gave the weird customary looks/ stare/ resentment at the new incoming member into their royal chariot. But, after a while the new one was just as much as the old one. 

Still smiling and ticket purchased the music goes back on the ear and the mind loses itself in the maze around called life. Today was special, Thanksgiving, so contrary to most western counterparts, the city was filled with additional weekday crowds, and traffic signal had their own treat to provide.

The first signal:
The first signal was always fascinating; it had always managed to set the tone of the journey akin to a drama’s introduction. This time when the boy sitting by the window looked out a common place sight, a newly laid road dug out, two trees, one reduced to its trunk and the other charted out more as a prime ad space than a piece of wood.

The ads were in itself a peculiarity before the people. From learning English to prompting you to gain weight (really, for a city with 43% obese people where are these who want to gain weight). The eyes started to take in the big picture, a sense of relief came in. A cyber café and a real estate agency, the staple shops around the city were reassuring.  Any business wiz who wants to learn space utilization needs to but visit these cyber café or “internat/ printing/ net meeting/online games/ CD/ DVD writing center “as they called it for themselves.


  1. Ah, a blog update after a long time! & changes in the blog design as well... 'nice'! I couldn't help but to see another 'Chandrashekar' in this story! :) Every day is a new beginning & we all wait just like the boy to see the sun-rise of the day by extension in our lives. Everyday scenes constitute to creation of new thoughts and building up of memories, lucky are those who (whom I call romantics) take time off from their hectic schedule to sight every scene as an enjoyable one, that is, simply not thinking of work or duties or responsibilities but just enjoying the moment. I like the mention about the 'space utility' in the post - it only reminds me of how creative we can get with little or merely nothing in our hands!
    Nice writing Dexter, looking forward to read more write-ups as such!


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