First impressions

Although this piece sounds a bit queer and at times philosophical these were my first thoughts..

Well, it began with the constant reading of a few blogs. Blogs of a few good friends. A small thought began to creep in to me. Why should not I join them on the similar platform. Well therein lied the difference. The very first thought had two questions to them- Why and Why not?

Answering questions are not as simple as asking them. But what makes the difference is the very same first thought. The first thought for both the questions mentioned above were the same. Blog or no blog questioning remains the same and so does the changing means of answering them.

The other day, a friend and I were discussing the actual stealth capability of fighter planes and the conversation naturally veered toward the orthodox religious practices in Russia. Apart from the natural historical digressions, we did hit upon one common logical point. That of right questioning. Strangely, among all the digressions there was actually connected with a logical sound question connecting it to the other.

The same logic stood for the above question of blogging. To be or not to be blogging was just a first thought to begin this constant stream of questions, both logical and illogical, at last to question mine and every other facet of people and life too.


  1. Hey congrats on starting a blog...
    U've showed in ur 1st article itself that u r selfsame; questioning, dilemma & the spontaneous usage of dictionary words which according to u is hi-funda words...
    Regarding ur article > u've said the very 1st thought which comes to a person's mind when he is in a dilemma, ie, "why should i" or "why shouldn't i"... Wen a person is able to question himself then definitely he'll be on a savvy path in majority of the times...


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