One too many!?

One too many, lives are loved
One too many, laughter restored
In hindsight and in thought
What comes forth is what has passed

One moment to relish, the rest to live
What are we trying to do!
Live life or life through moments,
A moment lost is one too many

Enriching souls, enriching experiences,
Captivating words are fleeting glimmers
One balm applied on a thousand scars
Is still better than wounding one too many

Advantageous, capricious, fair weather's too many
They too have boats to steady,
Lives to love and hunger to feed
Love or loathe them, they too are one too many,

Gadget one, gadget two, none are absent
One left in, other hibernating, all are but present
Playing dishes where none exist, nothing confined
Outlets to dimensions with no moderation, they too are one too many

Languages, languages full up the books,
Communication torn and brotherhood's shaken,
Death do is part with no communication
No, language left is but one too many..

One too many, one too many,
Lives, love and all therein,
Homes and should rested nowhere,
One too many, one too many, there are not many but none ..


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