'I', Cloaks and Life

Broken reed, broken backs and broken souls
All that are broken were once whole

Newer horizons await, for broken
Is but a new beginning…

Here, there, n o w h e r e or anywhere,
Souls outlive your cloaks worn upon oneself
Cloaks of flesh, mass and fatty nerves…

What is left behind are but moments
Moments, experienced in pain or pleasure..
Moments, not cloaks clothed in bones,

The 'I' peeled away, far from within..
The 'I' pulled away, far without..
Saying is easier than done
For 'I' is all but an illusion!

Lives and moments, experienced all throughout
Wear a smile on the cloak, nothing you do worthy to gloat.
Content and withdrawn, life goes on,
Break away the illusion & true life lives on..


  1. And the quest to shatter the illusion of "I" continues. Beautiful verse!


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