The sleepless roach

Twas the night before a Monday, a day dreaded most to begin and most thankful to end.. A day well spent, in sickness and in sickness, moved on towards a faster close than usual. The bed was very much inviting, a cozy quilt and a warm pillow to put out those cozy dreams spilled on them back into the heart with no fair game to play. A heart bereft of kindness and filled with fear of the meek and the mighty, if the known and of very much the unknown..

Meandering the way to the bed was easy, all that was left for some magic powder in the eyes, [enter] the creature if sleepless destiny.
The roach, with its diabolical wings and moving antennae, was more than what the comfort levels could permit.. The bed was forgotten, the kindness and the warmth if the pillow forsaken, all that was left was to get that blood less, survivor of all holocaust's out of home. But hey, fear is fear, and roaches are...well just that roaches.

The spray of bug spray never stopped, stomping with broom sticks,never stopped, neither one, nor three times was the light switched on in the room, to locate the egg laying  crawling anti hero (or hero).

Nothing worked, the easiest was the spray, all that was left was an increase in the temperature and the horrible smell if the perfume laced bug spray..

Up next, the lack of sleep demanded higher participation, the broom sticks came out and replaces the dancing sprayers .. With both failing, and the size of the room being limited, the smart roach would hide at the very many impossible to reach the highway , all that was left was for the very many effects of the spray to take effect on the dancing long antennae.. Meanwhile, the droopy eyes were more droopy, the body more weaker than usual, the head bubbled as if to burst out a million words of silence, but the war was not over yet!!

The ears remained clear of all the noise, all lights switched off, but keen on listening to a ruffle and a splash of the wings of the roach who managed to keep one awake for very many hours!!.

Out of the blue, it happened, all the struggle and pain disappeared, the sleep missed forgiven, but the life of a roach had been passed onto heaven. The ear picked up a faint sound of a falling paper, or was it a paper...

Out came the lights and the broom sticks, out went the roach, or was was left through the main door, hw would be a part of the ants tmrw said the mind, the heart but as usual was lost in translation.

Life chases with stronger sprays, broomsticks, stomps and keeps the spirit down all through out, but living, hiding or even dying in its own terms, the winged roach with long antennae taught a lesson worth sharing,

Life will beat u down, harder each time than the previous one, simple or tough, broken or patched up, living or half dead, dead or aftermath, the life given to us is lived by us, given to me lived by me and given to you lived by you .. Beaten to death, but life goes on...


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